French Cuisine Known For Its Finesse And Flavors

Food is an integral part of French culture and this is the main reason for French cuisine to be known for its finesse and flavor all over the world. Traditional French food was simply a combination of rich natural flavors consisting of French ingredients. International acclaim has been earned by a large number of French chefs for combining certain ingredients and turning French food into haute cuisine and influencing the culinary scene globally. A typical French meal includes three courses, starting with a soup followed by the main dish and then fruit and cheese for dessert.

French Wine and French Cheese:
french_taste_of_winesExperimenting French cuisine usually begins with a large array of French wines and cheeses. France has since times immemorial been famous for best wines and cheeses and any dinner party whether formal or informal is not complete without them. In many French restaurants serving of soft, pressed, semi-cured and blue cheeses is routinely done after the main course and also before desert.

Best French foods you must try:
From the traditional bourgeois French dishes that come with long histories to the complex French dishes with modern adaptations there is certainly something that suits your taste. Some authentic French recipes 166841are quite simple to make but will certainly tickle your taste buds. Soupeal’oign on is a conventional French soup with onions and beef as the main ingredients topped with melted cheese and croutons. Another popular French soup is Soupe de poisson a la rouille made with dollaps of garlic topped with saffron mayonnaise. Cassoulet is a dish made with white beans and stewed on slow fire with pork, duck, mutton or goose. It is a traditional dish and got its name from the pot (cassole) it is baked in. Beef bourguignon is an internationally relished meal in France made like a stew with beef dipped in red wine cooked with garlic, onions, fresh herbs and mushrooms. Most French dishes usually have a dash of some wine to give it a distinctive flavor. Other exotic dishes are Confit de canard, Flamicheand Ratatouille. French salads made with lettuce, tomatoes, beans, boiled eggs and olives not to forget tuna or chicken are also liked by all.

French Desserts:
A French meal is never complete without a sweet surprise. Chocolate Souffle is a speciality of the French made of eggs and crispy chocolate 362533c8a613494bc0cf7ebe0015386bcrust with a creamy chocolate centre. Other popular desserts are Chinon apple tarts, White chocolate crème brulee and Lighter crème brulee.

Delicious Street food:
Although the restaurants and cafes in France are a delight for gourmets, the street food is equally preferred by one and all. From fresh crepes to ham, sausage and lamb sandwiches the street food in the metropolitan areas of France is served with a unique French flair consisting of distinctive French flavors.

French cuisine has nothing to do with snob value as it is all about mastering the basic techniques, flavoring all layers and savoring every bite and of course cooked and served with the best wines.

‘’Bon Appetite”!

Hey there! Talking about France or expressing about this beauty is an honor for me. It is by far one of the most ultra-modern nations that offer you a lifestyle that is full of luxuries and amazingness. Apart from all the natural glory it has in it, there is so much more about France that can inspire you to plan a visit there and that is must for you to know in either case.

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