France Famous For French Wines, French Perfumes And Chocolates

French luxury begins and ends with perfumes, chocolates and wines. There is no dearth of luxury with a perfume bottle produced with natural scent from Mimosa in Grasse, chocolates from the best chocolatier in Lyon and a bottle of Grand Cru Classe du Medoc from a chateau in Bordeaux.

Perfumes of France

When it comes to perfumes France ranks the highest as the greatest names in the perfume industry like Chanel, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior are all French. In fact France is the undisputable leader contributing to over 30% of the world market. Although Paris is the base for all the big names in the perfume industry but the real perfume industry is actually based in the small town of Grasse located in the Northwest of Nice. Grasse enjoys a Mediterranean climate as this climate is best suited for horticulture especially for the production of Jasmine which is a major aroma used in the perfume industry. Other natural fragrances like lavender, rose, mimosa and myrtle are also produced in Grasse. But over time chemical produced perfumes have replaced the natural fragrances extracted from plants and flowers. But when it comes to top quality natural extract perfumes nothing can surpass the French master producers as the techniques and secrets are passed down generations.

French Wines:

old_french_wine_bottles-wallpaper-1440x900Presently France is the second largest wine producing country in the world. Languedoc-Roussillon manufactures the largest amount of wine in France followed by Bordeaux and Burgundy. French wines for centuries have inspired winemakers and have also helped define wine styles across the globe. Climate and terrain are big determiners when it comes to the type of wine produced in a particular region. The warm Mediterranean climate helps to ripen grapes fully thus producing red fruit based wines. Cooler regions of Alsace and Champagne are ideal for white wines. There are over 450 varieties of wines appellations suggesting the maximum yield of grapes per hectare, variety of grapes being used, the minimum amount of alcohol contained in the wine are all principles to ensure that the consumer enjoys authentic wines produced in France. French wines named as Champagne can be used on wine bottles produced in the Champagne region with a few permitted varieties of grapes. There are endless varieties of wines produced in the different regions of France for people to enjoy and relish.

French Chocolates:

slide_321000_3006242_freeYou certainly cannot visit Paris and not experience the taste of the delicious chocolates produced there. In fact the French have made this chocolate craft into an authentic art form. You will find the largest number of chocolate artisans in Paris as you will get to taste some of the most delicate flavored chocolates in the world. “Bonbon de chocolat” is definitely the star of the show when it comes to French chocolates followed by “tablettes de chocolat” and “bouchees au chocolat”  Best chocolates are made with best ingredients like pure cocoa butter, fresh cream, herbs, spices and all natural flavorings and nuts of the finest quality.

Hey there! Talking about France or expressing about this beauty is an honor for me. It is by far one of the most ultra-modern nations that offer you a lifestyle that is full of luxuries and amazingness. Apart from all the natural glory it has in it, there is so much more about France that can inspire you to plan a visit there and that is must for you to know in either case.

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