Why is it that you love talking about France?

France is a stunner that I love and you too are going to love it only by reading about it. And if you ever get a chance to visit it, you are going to love it even more. It is by far one of the most ultra-modern nations that offer you a lifestyle that is full of luxuries and amazingness. Apart from all the natural glory it has in it, there is so much more about France that can inspire you to plan a visit there and that is must for you to know in either case. A developed nation has the capability to never let you die out of boredom; either with their natural glamor or with the artificial one, they will provide you with one of the best entertainment from all over the world. Obviously, a place cannot be on a top tourist destination without having to offer some great holiday experience in it. It is the City of Lights for the people around the globe that has a variety of land to gaze for the visitors; be it sun-seeing or witnessing the warmth of mountains or the coolness of seas, you can everything in here!

How your interest developed in France?

One of my curriculum’s major was to study French and that did the rest of the job of inspiring me to write about it. After taking every French class, I would spend at least one hour in the evening to get to know more French and I would end up in looking upon the numerous areas to visit, their myths and stories, cultural beliefs and so on. Though I aimed to do this to have a look of the level I knew French in order to console my heart about wasting loads of time instead of studying! Anyways, what I found more interesting about France was latest happenings; every time you type in France, there will be news of some entertainment going on; some sport, some cultural event, a competition, or an exhibition and this also served as plus point for me that when I decided to write about France; there was so much that I already knew.

What is the information we can find about France in this site?

Everything about France will be a part of this site! Your small pocket France will have all the necessary and entertaining news about France that you would want to know. From cuisine to travelling; each and every kind of guide will be easily available here. The interesting facts and figures about France or even tips that you need to know while visiting this part of Europe. Consider it a general blog about France that can serve as your France dictionary, France web, France wiki, France news, etc. all at once. It maybe the cities and their specialties in terms of cuisine or travel or the towns that offer diverse kind of entertainment will be here for the readers.