10 Most Interesting Places To Visit In France

You can definitely rethink if you thought that France was only about wine, cheese and chocolates or for that matter the Eiffel Tower. France evokes a charm that never fails to inspire, as is evident from the fact that it a very popular holiday destination with millions of people visiting France annually. Being the biggest country in Europe, France has preserved a few of its greatest treasures. Tourists from all over are drawn towards France’s cosmopolitan culture, fabulous cuisine, stunning landmarks, romantic chateaux and the delightful countryside. Here are some of the best places to visit in France helping to make your visit a memorable one.
  1. Paris: is the capital city of France also known as the city of lights, love and fashion and home to the iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triomphe. The famous Luvre Museum and Musee d’Orsay are also found in Paris.
  2. French Riviera: located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, the French Riviera is renowned for the magic of St.Tropez in Monaco with the Cannes Film Festival being held here every year. Besides this the perfumeries of Grasse and the village of Eze and Saint Paul de vence are other destinations worth visiting.
  3. 37898Mont Saint-Michel: is an island located in the northwestern coast of Normandy. It is famous for its medieval structure built in a way that it looks like stacked one upon another. The main attraction is the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel.
  4. Lyon: Located in the Rhone Valley, Lyon is a great city for fashion shopping as well as to enjoy the amazing local cuisine at the various incredible restaurants serving exotic delicacies.
  5. Chateau de Chambord: The French Renaissance masterpiece the Chateau de Chambord was built by King Francois in 1519 consisting of 440 rooms though he himself did not stay there for long.
  6. Palace of Versailles: Versailles is renowned for its beautiful gardens and the Hall of mirrors. The palace is usually associated with the French Queen Marie Antoinette who was supposed to have been beheaded during the French Revolution.
  7. Chamonix: This famous ski resort in France is located very neat Mont Blanc. Chamonix is the place where the first Olympics were held but presently it is an ideal place for mountain bikers and mountaineers.
  8. Dune of Pyla: The Dune of Pyla is distinguished as the tallest sand dune in Europe located in the Arcachon 1600_______activite_89Bay. The main feature of this dune is that it is growing eastwards at a fast rate of 4.5 meters per year and in the process covering a road junction and a hotel.
  9. Palais des Papes: One of the most important medieval Gothic buildings in Avignon is the Palais des Papes. This palace gives a castle like look due to its thick walls, watch towers and portcullises.
  10. Gorge du Verdon:  This is one of Europe’s most beautiful canyons located in the southeastern part of France that gives a spectacular view of the Verdon River winding its way through the canyon.


Hey there! Talking about France or expressing about this beauty is an honor for me. It is by far one of the most ultra-modern nations that offer you a lifestyle that is full of luxuries and amazingness. Apart from all the natural glory it has in it, there is so much more about France that can inspire you to plan a visit there and that is must for you to know in either case.

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